The Inner World of Book Beat & Co.
By Cole Douglas
For Happening Magazine

     When you step foot into Book Beat & Co., you separate yourself from the rest of the world. Located at 9136 S. Walker, it's been the haven and home for rare and obscure books and music since 1997. Founded by Shilo Brown on $500.00 and a dream of offering something different to a town such as Oklahoma City, he started his inventory on just a 100 books and C.D.s, making sure to only stock the best of what people want.

     This store will jump at you from the moment you enter its subtle doorway and are greeted by the wild haired staff that works here. A staff that is knowledgeable about every item that they carry. And although they do not carry romance, you will however found a stock of books on their shelves like no other in this town. Subject matter ranging anywhere from Radicalism and Avant-Garde Literature on down to what they (Book Beat & Co.) considers to be their average Book Beat & Co. items such as Classics, Poetry, and Philosophy, subjects rarely seen in other bookstores.

     Shilo says it's all about being yourself. "That's what has kept me in business for 7 years. Our inventory here is not your everyday run-of-the-mill books. Each book is hand selected, so that we never get over run with the average." Says Shilo. "Each book has a purpose, each book has its owner waiting to come through the door and take it home with them."
Book Beat & Co. has been a literary hangout for local writers, artists, and musicians ever since they opened their doors. "Because we have what they want and we welcome the art community with open arms." says Shilo  "Book Beat & Co. has always been more of a literary and arts bookstore willing to support the local scene as a whole. We've got to have new blood, and if these up-and-comers are not given the encouragement and the praise to continue, the encouragement and praise that they well deserve, the literary and arts inkwell that we have will dry up."

     Book Beat & Co. also encourages writers and artist to put their work in the store for sale, such as chapbooks, zines, art, CDs and other sorts of media that these creative souls can conjure up. In the fall of 2003 Book Beat & Co. opened its gallery (located inside the store) to accommodate the artists, and musician in town. "We've always displayed local artists in our store for as long as I can remember" Says Shilo "We're just now allowing them to display a lot more of their work than they used to be able to. With the gallery people can come and look at the artwork in a room dedicated to the medium without having to walk around bookcases and such."    The huge corporate book and music stores claim to have everything, but when you finally come down and visit Book Beat & Co. you realize that these corporate monsters definitely do not. If you're interested in truly unusual literature and music, it's time that you make a trip to Book Beat & Co. the home for the rare and obscure, even the forbidden since 1997.